Senior Pre-Construction Manager/Estimator

Shelley Travell is the Senior PreConstruction Manager/Estimator for 3i, and an important part of
the Senior Management Team with our company. She is responsible for preparing bids for all
projects and proposals for 3i Contracting, LLC as well as for continuous estimating on awarded
projects in the PreConstruction Phase. She is results oriented and approaches PreConstruction
and Estimating in a hands-on manner.

Ms. Travell has a verifiable track record and has built out more than 1M sq. ft. She has also
successfully completed multimillion dollar projects through coordinating trades, developing
partnerships, and building positive rapport with architects, engineers, local officials, vendors and
clients, while maintaining costs. Shelley is well-versed in contract negotiations, project
estimating, impending design issues, document preparation, building code regulations, material
procurement and site management through certificate of occupancy.

In addition to her extensive experience in PreConstruction and Estimating, Shelley has held
positions as a Senior Project Manager, Director of PreConstruction, Project Manager and
Estimator, Estimator/Owner Representative, and Consultant.

Shelley enjoys art, is a jewelry designer, is learning to play the guitar, and is looking forward to
the return of live music in Dallas.