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From the inception of the organization, 3i has believed in shared leadership that focuses on pulling together the strenghts of people to produce client satisfaction.  Our leaders are the heart of 3i and visionaries that push our company forward.  They are prepared to lead with integrity, while continously expanding our business.

As founder and president of 3i, Micheal Williams has built a reputation for exceeding customer expectations and providing service with integrity and innovation.

Micheal oversees general management and customer relations for 3i. He believes with each new customer comes the opportunity to turn a business relationship into a personal friendship, which explains why the majority of 3i's annual business is made up of repeat customers and referrals.  Learn More...

Ron Hill is Vice President of Operations for 3i. Ron is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all 3i projects including purchasing, profit and loss management, client and vendor relations, scheduling, process and procedural guidelines and safety management as well as employee development, training and retention.  He is intimately involved in all projects and visits each job site at least once a month to ensure the quality and speed of construction.  He also monitors and reviews costs throughout the duration of the project. Learn More...